Friday, December 13, 2013

Hit With Youtube Content ID Claims, CLASSIC GAME ROOM Moves It's Reviews to Dailymotion

This may be the small pebble that starts the avalanche. While isn't overly friendly to "Let's Players" and Call of Duty-type commentary, they are very friendly to game reviewers. And that's why, due to YouTube's Content ID Claims system, the YouTube Channel Classic Game Room has taken its latest review of Solider Blade exclusively to Dailymotion

Personally, I will be doing the same with some of my content until all this mess with false ID claims gets straightened out. And if it doesn't, I know that (for now) Dailymotion is a great place to put up game reviews. 

Obviously, Dailymotion doesn't get the traffic that YouTube does, but if more established Youtube channels like Classic Game Room (with its 300,000+ subscriber bases) go this route, we may see more channels and reviewers move over to services like Dailymotion; which could also mean larger revenues for those making the content. Check out Classic Game Room's latest classic review below!

Classic Game Room - SOLDIER BLADE review for PC-Engine by ClassicGameRoom

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